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Time and again it is found that an individual is being caught on the wrong side by the authority in violation of the law and the most common offense that can be found is the wrongful driving or Driving Under the Influence, DUI. Like any other law-breaking situation, the person charged with DUI category needs to have the support of an expert, preferably one qualified and experienced lawyer, who can provide the needful suggestions and also fight the case at the appropriate forum.

The DUI lawyer has all the requisite skills and professional qualities, which could be of great help for their client, who is being charged or entangled in a DUI problem and have to face the legal consequences.

DUI and Its Consequences

The rash driving or driving under the influence is a very common offense that can be found in almost everywhere and people have always been exposed to this kind of problem anytime anywhere. The police or officials of the transport carry out some routine checking, especially in the evening or late, to check the physical condition of the driver and more specifically verify, whether the person is under the influence or not. The concerned driver has to go through the breath test that confirms the condition of the driver and also detects the alcohol level in the breath, which determines the degree of offense and accordingly the case is being prepared.

At the very first instance, the police confiscate the driving license and other transport papers and documents for further course of action and the offender finds it quite difficult to cope with the situation, due to lack of legal knowledge. In this kind of a situation, the DUI lawyer can be contacted for legal consultation and also for the support in fighting the case in front of the judge to get a favorable verdict. The proper knowledge of the legal provisions and the versatile exposures and experience, the DUI lawyer is able to prepare the case document, with all relevant information and legal inputs, which will be of immense help for their client to face the proceedings with every possible arrangement.

The Service Profile

The officers of the department of motor vehicles have the authority to detain a driver, of any vehicle, in any kind of influence and got the power of arresting and filing a case against the person concerned. The Phoenix DUI lawyer is having the ability and professional experience to provide the right kind of support for their clients, in the following manner:

If the driving license and other relevant documents are being seized by the transport authority or by police; the lawyer prepares necessary documents and negotiates with the appropriate authority to revoke the suspension or the confiscation of such documents. In case of upholding of the plea to revoke the suspension; the request is being made by the lawyer for hearing of the case to get the revocation order.

It can be noted that if the driver failed to pass the breath or blood test and found guilty of DUI the suspension on driving can be of various periods, depending on the magnitude of the offense and the lawyer could be the best support in getting a favorable order.

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Steps to Take Before Hiring a Drunk Driving Attorney

After getting involved in an injury that has resulted due to a serious car accident, it becomes so essential to hunt out the possibilities of why exactly the accident occurred? After knowing the reason for the accident, if found that it’s a case of DUI. Where the other driver was intoxicated, you have a really strong case that can be proven with a drunk driving attorney. 

The NJ area is considered to be a no-fault insurance state, which means that when you are involved in a DUI accident, you have to immediately file a lawsuit with your insurance company as early as possible. The insurance company will be responsible in paying you the amount, but if you feel that the amount provided by them is less or you believe that the accident was actually very worst, you have the right to put the negligent person behind the bars. Remember cases like this are not normal ones, it is actually considered to be a serious criminal offense and if you found out anyone violating it, then they have to pay for the repercussion as well. First of all, the most important thing that you shouldn’t forget is proving that the other person was drunk, if you can prove it well with the right sort of evidence, you can expect a good result. Also, collecting evidence is not a cup of tea, it requires a lot of attention, researching, interviewing, so you can leave this job on the drunk driving attorney. 

Is Calling The Police Important? 

  1. The first step that you must take soon after the accident is approaching the officials for help. Now you may be wondering why you need to call the police at the scene, you can contact them later. But the accident scene has to be properly investigated, considering your situation you won’t be able to investigate and preserve evidence.
  2. In fact, you aren’t trained to do it. So calling the police will keep you in a positive side, the best thing you can generate from the police is the police report, this report consists of detailed information about the accident, who was involved, how it happened, contact details, witness information, witness reviews and a lot more.

Cooperating with Police

  1. Once you approach the police and when they generate the police report, you should know that even if you have to make continuous interaction with this. Your reviews, your opinion will matter as well; you have to explain your side’s story to them.
  2. Tell them how the accident occurred, if you believe that you have seen the other driver driving under the influence of alcohol then you should speak up. But when you share the details, make sure you don’t exaggerate or stretch the statement, out of emotions we have seen victim speaking a lot and exaggerating the mistakes of the other driver which may be untrue.
  3. When you hire a professional drunk driving attorney they will always want you to keep the privacy of your case without disclosing much to the police or the insurance company.

Is Information Gathering Important From Your Side?

  1. Of course, gathering information for your case becomes utmost important, collecting as much as information as possible from your side can really make wonders. As you know laws always rely on the evidence, if you don’t have proof against the other driver intoxicating you won’t be able to seek the right compensation. Now, what information is necessary to prove your side?
  2. The first most is your statement, you can note down the point that states your views regarding the accident. The next is witness reviews, you can get witness details from the police report, call them up or you can directly ask their views during the accident scene record their statement and keep it secure, you can also click pictures, videos or any other means.

Why is Medical Consultation important even for minor injuries?

  1. You definitely cannot assume that the injuries incurred to you are less, in fact, there are minor injuries that later turn into major ones if not treated on time. It is always appreciable to reach a medical expert soon after the accident as you must know your condition.
  2. Your medical expert will also help you in properly keeping the records of all the medical expenses incurred to you, they can brief your drunk driving attorney about the condition, the professional will really require you medical expenses record as this can be proved in the court that you actually incurred injuries due to the other person’s fault.
  3. Later make sure that all the expenses are recorded, preserved and secured well with our professional. Well, also remember that you don’t submit these records to the insurance company because they can misuse it to try to create errors in it; only submit it when the professionals say you to do so.

Is Hiring An Attorney Important?

  1. When you are involved in a criminal related case, well now you know it’s a criminal offense if some are found to violate the law by driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol then the penalties are high, the case becomes tough as well as proving the other driver at fault becomes necessary. All this won’t be as easy as it seems to you at the start.
  2. You will definitely require a professional help as they will provide you with expert advice, be there for you whenever you find any difficulty, help you in negotiating well with the insurance adjuster, they can preserve, collect, document the evidence. Make you aware of the dates and deadlines and so on.
  3. Don’t consider your case as a waste, you have to make good decisions, you have to choose the right way in order to get the right compensation.

These are the few important questions’ answers that will help you in framing a perfect and strong drunk and driving accident case. Make your concept very clear, without professional help you won’t get the right evidence without evidence you won’t get the right compensation.

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Drunk Driving: A Serious Offence in Law

When a person gets arrested for driving under the influence then it can impact the person’s life significantly, especially when the person has a CDL or commercial driver’s license. When a person drives a vehicle for his career then the consequences for this is quite severe than just expensive fines and extensive jail time. A driver who has a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 or above is considered to be intoxicated in the state of Pennsylvania. Though, the legal limit for drivers with CDL is much lower at 0.04. If the driver is stopped by a police officer and his BAC is somewhere between 0.04 and 0.159 then it would be considered a high rate DUI. Time is changing, so are the laws. There was a time when drunken driving was not considered any problem at all. In fact it was a legal. But things are changing. Laws are changing. Things which were legal yesterday are illegal now. Same is the case for the drunken driving or commonly called, DUI which means ‘Driving under the Influence’. Today it is considered very dangerous offence. It has got very high conviction rate. You can get anything between suspension of license, fine or in most serious case jail time. This behavior is rising throughout the states. It is dangerous for some people’s life.

 Many celebrities have also been caught recently under DUI. They are serving their jail term too. That is why it is very necessary to have a good legal advisor in case you get caught under drunken driving. Asking legal advice is not like ordering some pizza. So you should think about it very carefully before you ask for legal assistance. Not that you get a number from anywhere and call any lawyer at random. This matter is to be considered very seriously.  And you should think about it very carefully before taking any step. Most attorney generally specializes in contracts, lands, wills etc. you will have to get a criminal lawyer for this type of case. It is because drunk driving is considered in nature.

First you will have to make a list of respective lawyers in the area. This is because a respective lawyer will only fight your case in the court. Not that you know some lawyer in New York and ask them to fight your case in some other state. A New York lawyer will fight your case in New York only. Similarly a Chesapeake DUI lawyer will only fight your case in Chesapeake.  So this thing must be clear to you. After you have made up your list then find out who have most experience. 

 In this world you don’t like to be the first case of anyone’s career. He should have at least five years of experience in his expertise. Then you will have to find out who is most compatible with you. It is because this is one issue you should be very clear about. Because he does not understand you and you asked him/her to represent you in court, he may not be as good as the other one who understands your case and understands you.

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Marijuana DUI Information

The regulation of driving under the influence of Marijuan is becoming an increasing challenge for law enforcement agents due to the difficult task of having to prove the motorist was under the influence at the time they were stopped. If you receive a DUI Marijuana you should contact an attorney and bail bondsman immediately. Driving under the influence of drugs, or DUID as it is commonly referred to, is a crime which is receiving increasing regulations especially in states that have passed the legislation for medical use of Marijuana. With the decriminalization of Marijuana for medical use it has become a top priority for law enforcement agents across the nation to find a way to regulate and minimize traffic accidents and fatalities related to the use of Marijuana.

DUI Marijuana Attorney

If you get arrested for a DUI Marijuana or DUID it is imperative to seek the aid of a defense attorney, especially one which specializes in these cases. Currently there is no concrete method to prove a THC blood level accurately to indicate an impaired state for the use of Marijuana. This makes it very difficult for the prosecution in the case to show that a driver is incapable of operating a motor vehicle due to the amount of THC consumed by the motorist.

Typically police officers will rely on confessional statements from the defendant if any are made at the scene of the arrest to prove their case in court. In many cases the charges get dramatically reduced to a dismissal or possession charge when using an attorney to defend you for a DUI Marijuana.

How can I be arrested for DUID?

The most common factors leading to an arrest for DUID are:

1. Admission of driving under the influence to an officer.

2. Vehicle search revealing drug possession and/or recent use while driving.

3. Physical witness of drug use while driving.

In most cases the DUID is caused by an individual admitting to a police officer that they have consumed drugs previously in the day. If a driver is passing through a DUI checkpoint and are subject to search, possession of controlled substances can result in a DUID as well.

Is there a test cops can do for DUI Marijuana?

There are a few preliminary tests that can be conducted by law enforcement officers to determine if an individual is intoxicated at the time they are driving. However the accuracy of these tests are the center of a growing controversy in reaching a solution to regulating impaired driving more effectively.


Pupillometry is the study of how the human eye portrays symptoms of impairment through pupil and eye functions. The pupil reacts almost exactly similar for all humans when it comes to responses to dilation caused by a light stimulus. Because of this new science has found correlations between impairments in certain parts of the brain and how they appear in pupil measurements. Although this method does not specifically prove a chemical substance is present in an individual it does portray impairment in specific areas of the brain fairly accurately. The downside to using pupillometry is that for a substance such as Marijuana it is that fatigue can often appear as a false positive for this chemical.

Blood Tests

Current blood tests are the only fairly accurate method to prove that an individual was under the influence of a controlled substance at the time of driving. This is again very difficult to prove for Marijuana related arrests as the chemical THC can stay in an individual’s system for up to one month after consumption although the effects do not persist nearly that long.

Can I post bail bonds for Marijuana DUI?Yes, posting a bail bond for a DUI Marijuana or DUID is almost the same as a regular driving under the influence bail posting however there may be additional possession charges applied in these instances. Generally it is a good idea to find an attorney immediately because in most cases they can help receive a dismissal of trial or at the very least a reduction in sentencing or charges for these offenses.

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