Stranger than Fiction Drunk Driving Stories

Although car accidents caused by drunk driving is often a sob story occasionally the world chooses to have a little humorousness and then there are stories which are way too peculiar they turn out to be funny. One family gets found driving under the influence in one night, Chinese workers in offices push their boss’ vehicle because they all are too intoxicated to drive it and a guy was too worried to take his license examination he turned up drunk.  Car accident alone is often a sob story. But sometimes, in some rare instant in the event the world chooses to have a little sense of humor, there are stories that are too bizarre they become hilarious particularly when they’re about drunk driving.

But, exactly what do you anticipate with drunks? Drunken chitchats are in all probability a source of a great deal of sitcom situations. So presenting, drunk driving stories which are stranger than fiction:

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

It is about a 15 year old adolescents from South Canterbury who had been caught drunk driving around midnight. His booze volume was 529 micrograms per liter that was 350% over youth limit. So police station he went for processing and he called his mother to come pick him up.

The mom went over to collect her boy but on the way she was found drunk driving and blew 776 mcg, which is nearly half the adult limit of 400. So same police station she also proceeded to go for processing and she called her lover to come and get them.

But guess what? The world was really playing tricks that evening and the mother’s partner was captured drunk driving on his way to pick them up and his alcohol consumption was 559 mcg. So the family that does things collectively stays together, at the police station that is.

When in China

Dui regulation in China features a stiff punishment and the Chinese are extremely conscientious of car accidents. When caught in a plastered scenario you can spend as much as half a year in jail including a high fine. Knowing how economical the Chinese are, they wouldn’t be trapped paying out those stiff penalties. So instead of being charged with drunk driving, they simply decided to walk all the way home. Or in fact push the vehicle all the way home.

Following a business office celebration, the employer discovered he was too drunk to drive himself home. Thing was, everybody in the office were also too inebriated to drive. So what they did was to push the car all the way home that was just three miles away. It had been suggested that the walk will be a good workout in addition to a way to drain out their inebriation.

That must have been a cheerful picture to view ten drunk Chinese workers in offices pushing a car through the city in the middle of the night. The cops declared it doesn’t break any law because the engine wasn’t operating.

Make the same mistake twice

This is actually the tale of a man in Romania who was found drunk driving whose license was consequently revoked. After a couple of years he came back to reapply for a permit but he was too anxious concerning the examination so he made a decision to drink to calm him down. The officials observed his inebriation and chose to test his breath for liquor. He naturally hit a brick wall it. And naturally he didn’t get his license back. These may be humorous reports but you will find lessons to discover. There’s nothing funny about drunk driving because it causes car accidents and the law usually takes it seriously around the globe.