Steps to Take Before Hiring a Drunk Driving Attorney

After getting involved in an injury that has resulted due to a serious car accident, it becomes so essential to hunt out the possibilities of why exactly the accident occurred? After knowing the reason for the accident, if found that it’s a case of DUI. Where the other driver was intoxicated, you have a really strong case that can be proven with a drunk driving attorney. 

The NJ area is considered to be a no-fault insurance state, which means that when you are involved in a DUI accident, you have to immediately file a lawsuit with your insurance company as early as possible. The insurance company will be responsible in paying you the amount, but if you feel that the amount provided by them is less or you believe that the accident was actually very worst, you have the right to put the negligent person behind the bars. Remember cases like this are not normal ones, it is actually considered to be a serious criminal offense and if you found out anyone violating it, then they have to pay for the repercussion as well. First of all, the most important thing that you shouldn’t forget is proving that the other person was drunk, if you can prove it well with the right sort of evidence, you can expect a good result. Also, collecting evidence is not a cup of tea, it requires a lot of attention, researching, interviewing, so you can leave this job on the drunk driving attorney. 

Is Calling The Police Important? 

  1. The first step that you must take soon after the accident is approaching the officials for help. Now you may be wondering why you need to call the police at the scene, you can contact them later. But the accident scene has to be properly investigated, considering your situation you won’t be able to investigate and preserve evidence.
  2. In fact, you aren’t trained to do it. So calling the police will keep you in a positive side, the best thing you can generate from the police is the police report, this report consists of detailed information about the accident, who was involved, how it happened, contact details, witness information, witness reviews and a lot more.

Cooperating with Police

  1. Once you approach the police and when they generate the police report, you should know that even if you have to make continuous interaction with this. Your reviews, your opinion will matter as well; you have to explain your side’s story to them.
  2. Tell them how the accident occurred, if you believe that you have seen the other driver driving under the influence of alcohol then you should speak up. But when you share the details, make sure you don’t exaggerate or stretch the statement, out of emotions we have seen victim speaking a lot and exaggerating the mistakes of the other driver which may be untrue.
  3. When you hire a professional drunk driving attorney they will always want you to keep the privacy of your case without disclosing much to the police or the insurance company.

Is Information Gathering Important From Your Side?

  1. Of course, gathering information for your case becomes utmost important, collecting as much as information as possible from your side can really make wonders. As you know laws always rely on the evidence, if you don’t have proof against the other driver intoxicating you won’t be able to seek the right compensation. Now, what information is necessary to prove your side?
  2. The first most is your statement, you can note down the point that states your views regarding the accident. The next is witness reviews, you can get witness details from the police report, call them up or you can directly ask their views during the accident scene record their statement and keep it secure, you can also click pictures, videos or any other means.

Why is Medical Consultation important even for minor injuries?

  1. You definitely cannot assume that the injuries incurred to you are less, in fact, there are minor injuries that later turn into major ones if not treated on time. It is always appreciable to reach a medical expert soon after the accident as you must know your condition.
  2. Your medical expert will also help you in properly keeping the records of all the medical expenses incurred to you, they can brief your drunk driving attorney about the condition, the professional will really require you medical expenses record as this can be proved in the court that you actually incurred injuries due to the other person’s fault.
  3. Later make sure that all the expenses are recorded, preserved and secured well with our professional. Well, also remember that you don’t submit these records to the insurance company because they can misuse it to try to create errors in it; only submit it when the professionals say you to do so.

Is Hiring An Attorney Important?

  1. When you are involved in a criminal related case, well now you know it’s a criminal offense if some are found to violate the law by driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol then the penalties are high, the case becomes tough as well as proving the other driver at fault becomes necessary. All this won’t be as easy as it seems to you at the start.
  2. You will definitely require a professional help as they will provide you with expert advice, be there for you whenever you find any difficulty, help you in negotiating well with the insurance adjuster, they can preserve, collect, document the evidence. Make you aware of the dates and deadlines and so on.
  3. Don’t consider your case as a waste, you have to make good decisions, you have to choose the right way in order to get the right compensation.

These are the few important questions’ answers that will help you in framing a perfect and strong drunk and driving accident case. Make your concept very clear, without professional help you won’t get the right evidence without evidence you won’t get the right compensation.

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