Drunk Driving: A Serious Offence in Law

When a person gets arrested for driving under the influence then it can impact the person’s life significantly, especially when the person has a CDL or commercial driver’s license. When a person drives a vehicle for his career then the consequences for this is quite severe than just expensive fines and extensive jail time. A driver who has a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 or above is considered to be intoxicated in the state of Pennsylvania. Though, the legal limit for drivers with CDL is much lower at 0.04. If the driver is stopped by a police officer and his BAC is somewhere between 0.04 and 0.159 then it would be considered a high rate DUI. Time is changing, so are the laws. There was a time when drunken driving was not considered any problem at all. In fact it was a legal. But things are changing. Laws are changing. Things which were legal yesterday are illegal now. Same is the case for the drunken driving or commonly called, DUI which means ‘Driving under the Influence’. Today it is considered very dangerous offence. It has got very high conviction rate. You can get anything between suspension of license, fine or in most serious case jail time. This behavior is rising throughout the states. It is dangerous for some people’s life.

 Many celebrities have also been caught recently under DUI. They are serving their jail term too. That is why it is very necessary to have a good legal advisor in case you get caught under drunken driving. Asking legal advice is not like ordering some pizza. So you should think about it very carefully before you ask for legal assistance. Not that you get a number from anywhere and call any lawyer at random. This matter is to be considered very seriously.  And you should think about it very carefully before taking any step. Most attorney generally specializes in contracts, lands, wills etc. you will have to get a criminal lawyer for this type of case. It is because drunk driving is considered in nature.

First you will have to make a list of respective lawyers in the area. This is because a respective lawyer will only fight your case in the court. Not that you know some lawyer in New York and ask them to fight your case in some other state. A New York lawyer will fight your case in New York only. Similarly a Chesapeake DUI lawyer will only fight your case in Chesapeake.  So this thing must be clear to you. After you have made up your list then find out who have most experience. 

 In this world you don’t like to be the first case of anyone’s career. He should have at least five years of experience in his expertise. Then you will have to find out who is most compatible with you. It is because this is one issue you should be very clear about. Because he does not understand you and you asked him/her to represent you in court, he may not be as good as the other one who understands your case and understands you.

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